Dinosaurios Bebés

Today I’m pleased to present my first review of a non-English language book, Dinosaurios Bebés, authored by Alejandra Ortiz Medrano, and illustrated by paleoartist Gabriel Ugueto! The Amazon listing only offers the kindle and paperbook version, but Maia Schussheim was kind enough to send me the board book version directly from publisher Océano Travesía for this review.

car seat
Board books are nice & compact, and easy to clean, making this a perfect choice for car trips!

The book of course focuses on baby dinosaurs, though the pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus sneaks in as well. The book describes the likely family situations and activities each young dinosaur might have found themselves in, accompanied by Ugueto’s lovely artwork. The author keeps the descriptions fairly simple, though as I am not a native Spanish speaker myself, I can’t comment on the extent to which the actual words might be considered “early reader” level. It doesn’t make a huge difference either way, though, as the book feels built more for parents reading to their children, rather than children reading on their own, so parents will likely address any questions during story time.

My eldest recognized Beibeilong from Lifesize Dinosaurs while reading in a leaf pile outside.

I did find two apparent errors in the book, in both cases regarding pages where the text did not match the illustration. The page on Sinsauropteryx describes it chasing lizards while the illustration shows it chasing a dragonfly, while the page on Dilophosaurus describes it hunting for fish while the illustration shows it investigating a mammal in a log. None of these behaviors, whether written or illustrated, are necessarily inaccurate based on what we know about there dinosaurs, but the disconnect between word and picture will doubtless confuse some young readers.

My youngest notes the dragonfly on the Sinsauropteryx page.

Editing errors aside, this is a nice little book, perfect for little hands. The short, simple sentences are generally clear enough for the target audience, and Ugueto’s illustrations are always a pleasure to see. As dinosaur books aimed at the youngest children often have lax standards in their depictions of these ancient beasts, I appreciate that this book makes the effort to introduce its readers to proper dinosaur reconstructions at such an early age. I’m pleased to give Dinosaurios Bebés my Dino Dad Stomp of Approval! If you’d like to purchase it for yourself, I definitely recommend the board book version, which you can find at its Océano Travesía listing. Big thanks to my aunt and uncle for helping me with some of the Spanish words I didn’t understand! If you’re looking for another Spanish language easy reader book that’s more of a story than an information book, check out my review of ¡Más te vale, Mastodonte!



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