Dino Dad’s Resources

Here you may find just a few of the websites and other resources which inform my production. I strongly recommend all of these to any fellow lovers prehistory. Just click the titles to check out these pages.

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs

LITC probably looms largest in influence over this program. My viewers will especially note my site’s similarity to their regular feature, Vintage Dinosaur Art, in which they critically evaluate paleo paraphernalia from ages past (often children’s books as well).

The Tetrapod Zoology blog and Tetzoo Podcast

The world-famous Tetrapod Zoology blog and podcast are a veritable rabbit hole of information on not only dinosaurs, but all non-fish vertebrates (AKA tetrapods), including modern species both obscure and charismatic. Subjects can get a little technical for first-time audiences, but with an enormous breadth of material covered, I guarantee there’s something for everyone if you look hard enough.

Dinosaur Toy Blog

While more of a conceptual influence than anything else, I nevertheless always learn something new with almost every scientifically-rigorous toy review, and the forums are an excellent place to glean information off of hundreds of fellow paleontology lovers.


Riley Black is a prolific popular writer on all topics paleontological. She has a very readable writing style, which I imagine most people will find themselves able to follow, even as she manages to still deliver well detailed information about his subjects.

Ashley Hall

If you’re looking for an “influencer” (as the kids say) in the paleontology social media world, Ashley Hall is among the most preeminent in the paleo community! There’s always something interesting to see on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, so give her a follow, and be sure check out her book Fossils For Kids as well!

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong, or YDAW, is a YouTube series in which viewers send in dinosaur toys to host Steven Bellettini who then examines their accuracy, with animated graphics showing how one would need to reshape the toy in order to bring it closer to reality. It’s a fun show, and even I always manage to learn something!