More Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Hello dear readers! I hope everyone is staying safe while we wait for the Coronavirus to run its course. Since most of us are stuck inside for the time being, I thought I’d share some coloring pages we’ve enjoyed at our home over the past few days. It seemed like a good follow-up to my review of Diane Ramic’s The Coloring Book of (Scientifically Accurate) Paleofauna, in any case!

Dinosaurs In The Wild

The Dinosaurs In The Wild temporary exhibition in London sounds like it would have been incredible to see, and I hope against hope that it will go on tour somewhere near me eventually. (See Darren Naish’s post at the old version of Tetrapod Zoology for more info.) I happened to notice this free Quetzalcoatlus coloring page they offered at one point, and I’ve printed it out to use more than once. While I forget which social media outlet they posted it on now, I had the foresight to download it for later use, which I shall now share here if you feel so inclined to do the same.


Emily Warwick

Emily Warwick, a member of the paleoartist trio Girls Who Draw Dinosaurs, decided to share a Google Drive folder with coloring page versions of some of the art patterns she makes. Included are two variants of a Star Wars pattern, Skyrim, and, more pertinently to this blog, a Jurassic Park illustration and one featuring Lyme Regis fossils (famed as Mary Anning‘s old stomping grounds). You can see what I did with the Lyme Regis template in the header image at the top of this page!

Waco Mammoth Site outreach materials

I plan to feature Waco Mammoth National Monument in my museum review series sometime in the future, but for now I’ll just share these activity pages I picked during my last visit to the site! You can see what I did with the Sabertooth page in the header image. Click to enlarge/download:


Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

I include Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong (or “YDAW”) among my favorite paleontology themed content creators on YouTube. Their schtick involves host Steven examining various dinosaur toys and not only rating them for accuracy, but also demonstrating how they should be changed to match our current best understanding of the data available. They also recently shared a YDAW Google Drive folder containing downloadable coloring pages based on their illustrations from the show. (You can see the Dimetrodon I colored in the header image at the top.)

Julius Cstonyi

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ve seen Julius Cstonyi’s work here before, featured in Discovering Sharks and Pinocchio Rex. Happily, he shared this free Tyrannosaurus coloring page via Facebook just in time for me to include it in this article! (Speaking of sharks, you can also download his shark coloring pages [and some by other artists] via Sharks 4 Kids.)

Julius Csotonyi T. rex

Danielle Dufault Fossil Cutouts

I guess these last few don’t exactly count as coloring pages, but I had to share them anyway! Renowned paleoartist Danielle Dufault shared these dinosaur fossil activity sheets on her Facebook page for her followers to cut out and assemble; she recommends printing them on cardstock or some similar stiff paper for the best results.

That’s all for now! It’s proving surprisingly harder to concentrate on writing reviews during quarantine than I expected, but I’m doing my best to bring you more content soon! I hope you enjoy these coloring and activity sheets in the meantime. Take care, y’all!



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