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Welcome to Dino Dad Reviews, a new webseries in which your host, Dino Dad, (that’s me), examines prehistoric themed children’s literature for the benefit of you and your kids!

As one of the most popular subjects in children’s literature, the market is absolutely saturated with dinosaur books of varying (and often quite dodgy) quality. How can a concerned parent possibly keep up with the mess to ensure their child receives only top tier reading material? Never fear, for I’ve scoured the libraries, book stores, and bargain bins for everything I can find! As a paleo nerd with perhaps a too highly developed taste for such things, I shall guide you through the glut of good and bad so you may make your purchases armed with the intellectual superiority of a particularly geeky dinosaur lover.

I have many wonderful (and not so wonderful) books lined up for you, so read along with us as we explore prehistory together!

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